Chief Dog Officer


Meet Charlie, the four-legged genius behind the scenes at Viddlez CBD Treats. As our Chief Dog Officer, he's got one paw on quality control and the other on flavor innovation. When he's not busy sniffing out the best ingredients or giving treats his official "bark of approval," Charlie enjoys sun-soaked naps and walks around the neighborhood.

With a nose for quality and an insatiable appetite for tastiness, Charlie takes his title seriously – well, as seriously as a dog can! His motto in life? "Life is short, eat the treats first!" So, rest assured, every treat we offer has passed the Charlie taste test. For tail-waggingly good snacks, trust our top dog!

Chief Barking Officer


She's the mastermind behind our paw-some campaigns and has a nose for sniffing out trends. When she's not working her tail off, Frida enjoys chasing bunnies, belly rubs, and her daily power naps on her favorite marketing books.

Her motto? "Bark loud and proud!"

Trust Frida, our top dog in the marketing game, to make your furry friend's tail wag with excitement!

Senior Advisor


Introducing Atari, our paw-some Senior Advisor at Viddlez CBD Dog Treats!

Atari might be getting up there in dog years, but don't let the gray fur fool you – she's the wise old pup behind our CBD-infused treats. With a lifetime of experience in the art of relaxation, she's the go-to dog for all things chill.

When she's not barking doggy advice on the benefits of CBD,

Atari enjoys leisurely strolls, checking pee-mails, and keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Her motto in life? "Stay calm and chew on!"

For treats that bring zen to your furry friend's life, trust Atari, the senior advisor who's seen it all.

Backend Sniffer


Meet Blaze, our alpha dog and the brilliant Back End (sniffer) developer at Viddlez Pets CBD Dog Treats! With a nose for innovation and a flair for code, Blaze ensures our online experience is as smooth as a belly rub – and did we mention those captivating, "get-lost-in-them" blue eyes? When he's not busy sniffing out bugs, Blaze is chasing squirrels and surfing the latest tech trends in the dog park. The top dog of our IT department, Blaze guarantees a tail-wagging shopping experience for your furry friends. For a digital expert who's got your back, look no further than Blaze!

Frontend Sniffer


Introducing Buddy, the Front End Sniffer at Viddlez Pets CBD Dog Treats and Blaze's talented younger brother! With a nose for fetching design and a knack for creating user-friendly interfaces, Buddy ensures our website is as charming as a freshly groomed pup. Beyond coding, Buddy's forever puppy face always steals hearts wherever he goes. He's the real "barkitect" of our team, turning ideas into "paw-some" digital experiences. In our IT department, Buddy is the top dog when it comes to creating the "paw"-fect online shopping experience for your furry companions. With his dedication to creating visually stunning web pages, Buddy guarantees a delightful online shopping experience that's as enjoyable as a belly rub.

HR - Head Rooster


Meet Twilight, the Head Rooster at Viddlez CBD Dog Treats!

Twilight, may have a unique approach to HR, but he's serious about making everyone, humans and dogs alike, happy at work.

When they're not doing their HR duties, Twilight pecks around the office. His motto? "Feathers and fur, working together, make a coop-erative team!"