• Faster Onset of Action

    Due to its enhanced bioavailability, the Water Soluble CBD Powder in your chews allows for a quicker onset of action. This means that your product starts delivering its beneficial effects to your dog's system more rapidly, providing relief from various ailments such as anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

  • Increased Potency

    The superior bioavailability of Water Soluble CBD Powder means that your chews can deliver a higher concentration of CBD to your dog's system. This increased potency translates to more significant and longer-lasting effects, making your product stand out in terms of overall efficacy.

  • Enhanced Bioavailability

    Water Soluble CBD Powder allows for better absorption in your dog's digestive system, ensuring a higher percentage of CBD is absorbed into their bloodstream. Unlike traditional CBD oil, which can be challenging for dogs to absorb efficiently, your water-soluble formula optimizes bioavailability, maximizing the therapeutic effects of CBD.