Our Journey

Our Journey - From Industry Veterans to Your Trusted Pet Wellness Advocates

We are Viddlez, and our story is deeply intertwined with our founder, Chris Toy's personal experiences. Chris, an industry stalwart, spent years crafting premium solutions using Hemp CBD for a vast array of sectors, from cosmetics and nutritional supplements to the pet industry. He has been instrumental in developing CBD solutions for some of the world's largest brands.

But the turning point in his professional journey came from a very personal experience...

Chris noticed the transformative effects of CBD when his good friend sent a video of CBD oil being orally administered to his dog that was having a seizure. Within 10min the seizures stopped! It was a remarkable moment in Chris' journey that would lead him to embark on a new path in holistic CBD pet care. Chris believes that when we help improve the lives of our pets, we are also enhancing our own lives by minimizing our own anxieties.

Thus, Viddlez was born.

Beyond being a company, Viddlez is a team of pet lovers and industry veterans united by a shared ambition - to make pet wellness both affordable and accessible. We began our journey as trusted suppliers for white-label brands, where we identified the pressing need for superior, yet affordable pet care solutions.

We believe that pets are more than just animals; they're cherished family members. And they deserve nothing but the best. Our CBD chews, crafted with precision and care, are a testament to this belief - every chew is designed to bolster their health and uplift their spirits.

At Viddlez, our values resonate in everything we do. We are dedicated to spreading pawsitive vibes, unwavering in our commitment to quality (being truly pawsuasive), and ensuring the pawfect balance in every product we craft.


Our Ethos and Mission Statement:

"Pawsitive, Pawsuasive, Pawfectly Balanced"

Our ethos is grounded in three fundamental tenets:

  • Pawsitive: Our faith in the power of positivity is unyielding. And it's not just about us. We aim to infuse positivity into the lives of pets and their caregivers through our products.
  • Pawsuasive: Our dedication to quality and affordability is persuasive. We recognize the paramount importance of trust when it comes to selecting products for our beloved pets. Our goal? To be the trusted choice for pet parents who put their furry family members' well-being first.
  • Pawfectly Balanced: Our mission in every chew is to strike the perfect balance - a symphony of taste and health benefits, affordability and unrivaled quality, passion and scientific expertise.

Our ultimate mission is to sprinkle joy and wellness into the lives of pets everywhere, one chew at a time. We aspire to democratize pet wellness - making it both accessible and affordable, without ever compromising on quality. Because at Viddlez, we truly believe that every pet, irrespective of their size or breed, deserves the absolute best. And we're here to ensure they get just that.


Chris Toy his pug Charlie!